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10 APR. 2022


Our initial plan was 750 OG and 4,000 WL, but right now we are aiming for 100% presale. However, if the Nyoki community wants otherwise, we will surely consider it.

Easy. One mint for WL and two for OG.

Our moderator team actively monitors all chats. They are suggesting active users for whitelist, particularly those who are respectful and helpful to the community.

1. Be an active community member, help others and please do not spam. We have zero tolerance for spammers.
2. You can publish a fan-art on our Discord πŸŽ¨γƒ»fan-art channel. We have a dedicated team to check every single fan-art submission. Please do not tag anyone.
3. There will be lots of random giveaways on our Discord channel and on our other social media accounts.
4. Soon we will start doing contests and games. πŸ‘€

No, they are not. They can be revoked for the following reasons:
1. Violation of our Discord server πŸ“•γƒ»rules
2. Being disrespectful to other members of the community.
3. Trying to sell or buy an OG / WL spot.
4. Inactivity.

Please be active, engage with the Nyoki community, help others and enjoy the hype! You may lose your role if you forget about our existence. πŸ˜₯